Infield Renovation

  The composition of your infield soil may be the single most important factor in determining your fields playability. The proper soil mixture will provide a firm but workable surface, that will shed water (see laser grading), give true hops, offer traction, and be soft enough for sliding and diving. Our team is experienced in working with a variety of materials to amend infield soils and provide the best playing surface possible. Call today to see how we can help make your field the best that it can be.

Lip Removal and Edging

 Let us help get your field in shape. Over time, lips will develop along your infield grass. If they are not properly removed each season, these lips will continue to grow to the point of presenting a major safety hazard for your athletes. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your edges and lips in check and your athletes safe. Call today for a free evaluation and consultation. 

Laser Leveling

  Laser leveling is practice of leveling land to a desired gradient by cutting, filling, and smoothing the soil. Our state of the art, laser leveling equipment was designed to work on infield skins. From little league fields to the big league, our equipment has the capability to grade your infield to a tolerance of within ⅛ of an inch. Call today for a free evaluation and consultation. 

Mound Maintenance and Rebuild

Aeration and Topdressing

Home Plate Maintenance and Rebuild

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